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Refreshing the web experience to attract the best talent for Media Agency - the7stars.

Your website still matters. Even if, in the world of social media referral, it may not be the way people initially find you. No matter how someone first comes into contact you’re your business, they’ll want to learn more on your site. So it pays to make it an enjoyable read. Our specialism in story draws an audience into your site and makes them stick around.

We were asked the UK’s leading independent media agency, the7stars to develop the way their website connected to existing and potential clients. As they began to refresh their web content they fell into a familiar trap. They talked about themselves. We helped them re-craft their content to focus on the client and how the agency could be of service to that client’s needs.

A shift in language has helped them to continually attract the brightest and best talent into the agency, focusing on their award winning culture and client connection.

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