Speech writing and speaker support

Crafting compelling ideas into stunning spoken word for TEDx and Moving Ahead.

Effectively connecting your idea and message to large groups of people has always involved one key thing: a great story. We know that story works. And now we have the neuroscience to prove its impact. So why do we still have to sit through keynotes that drown us in data and list upon list of information. Look, data is great. Its essential. But it’s in one ear and out the other unless its built into a sticky story that engages the brain and delights the listener.

Our work in this area is demonstrated by our work with two organisations, social enterprise Moving Ahead and TEDx Tunbridge Wells. We’ve worked with a whole range of individuals to craft their speaking notes into a compelling narrative. From world class athletes like Sarah Winckless, Victoria Pendleton and Hannah Cockcroft, inspiring with their journey to Olympic gold, to global CEOs trying to connect more authentically to their people. We’ve also worked with to passionate specialists who want to share an idea worth spreading.

Out role with these individuals can vary from full speech writing to editorial and story consultation. We’ve crafted structure, shaped their ideas or written compelling language to help them shine on a stage. But more importantly we’ve helped them ensure their audience’s understand and remember their message.

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