Script writing and event content

Bringing learning to life with scripts that sizzle and exciting events for creative agency 'just add water'.

We’ve all seen them. Those corporate videos and event that either bore us to death or try too hard to be funny and end up as a cringe-fest. Whether it’s for online learning, conferences or internal communications campaigns, video and presentations are still key players. The content that really stands out and have a lasting impact, connects to an audience by using authentic stories. We work with internal teams and agencies to create scripts and design event content that breathes real life, not some phony facsimile, into a subject.

We’ve been working for one the UK’s most creative employee engagement and internal communications agency, just add water, for almost a decade. We’ve regularly written scripts for international conference content, e-learning workshops and employee focused films. Putting the brand’s identity and voice at the heart of the message, but ensuring the human touch is always the lifeblood that makes the heart work.

Recent scripts have included: a series of amusing sketches for a Singaporean bank to communicate a new way of performance goal setting, a series on leadership development for the world’s biggest fast food restaurant business, and scripted videos and presenter material for a three month-long online event series.

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