Brand naming

Shaping the brand’s identity and launch tone of voice for marketing and insights technology business Delineate.

Your brand voice matters. It conveys your personality to the world, letting your customers experience what it’s like to work with you. Too often a business leaves their communication style and named identity to chance or personal preference. This can lead to confusion and a mixed message.

We help businesses to define their identity and voice. More than just naming, we build support tools to make sure that a brand’s people can inject their own personality into their writing whilst maintaining a consistent brand tone.

Before they were called Delineate, the global marketing and insights technology business was just a brilliant idea. The team approached us initially to explore naming options that would move them beyond being perceived as just a research business. Not only did we deliver the brand name through our naming process, we also helped them craft their original tone of voice and brand North Star. The tone was distinctly friendly and engaging and aligned to their values which we also helped craft.

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