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Outsourced content team

Building and maintaining an outsourced content team for marketing and insights technology business Delineate. A content solution that delivers insights with integration.

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Online events and livestreaming

Colleges Live and Interconnect. Building live, online global conferences in the middle of a pandemic.

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Script writing and event content

Script writing and content production for video and live events. Bringing learning to life with scripts that sizzle and exciting events.

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Speech writing

Speech writing and story support for various speakers at TEDx/Moving Ahead. Crafting compelling ideas into stunning spoken word.

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Web copy

Web copy for Media Agency the7stars. Refreshing the web experience to attract the best talent.

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Brand naming

Brand naming for marketing and insights technology business - Delineate. Shaping the brand’s identity and launch tone of voice.

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Online conference - Promax (USA)

Online event - Interconnect One (Global)

Online event - Interconnect Two (Global)

Livestream - Liberally Launch (UK)

Livestream - Grow the People (UK)

Brand video - Invisible Ninja (UK)


Simon and Jonny just get stories. They get to the heart of a communication quickly and are able to extract a clear narrative, a connecting theme and an effective way to tell the right story. Their work in theatre and years in business mean that they see both sides of the fence.

They know what a brand or company might need to share an idea with its audience, but they also understand the power and emotional pull of a great story. Simon was invaluable to me when I transitioned from external consultant to a senior internal role with BA. He helped me see my own authentic story and find the right ways to share it convincingly with others


I’ve been working with Simon and Jonny on and off for the last eight years. Initially I enlisted them to help with storytelling in Edelman’s insight division. This proved very successful and Simon went on to support the wider Edelman business in the creative direction and content development of three international conferences.

When I started Delineate it made sense to get the team to support the development of my brand’s story. As well as helping with the initial story we told the world, they helped us develop our employer brand story, by working with us to develop values and the way we talk to our customers.

Their expertise in story and storytelling is different from others I have come across. They manage to marry their creative background in theatre with decades of experience in business communications and consulting. It makes for a potent yet practical mixture.


I’ve had the privilege to work with Simon for a few years now through the social enterprise work I do with Women Ahead. Most recently he expertly supported me to get ready for my talk as part of TEDx Westminster. Simon’s has deep knowledge and skill in the arena, his way of working is very collaborative and feels very in partnership with me and coaching-led in style. He has this ability to ask effective questions and really listen to a client, to get behind the message they are trying to achieve. He then waves his magic story wand over the material and it comes back structured in a way that I just wouldn’t think of.

The results speak for themselves, audiences are fully engaged in the story I want to tell and as a speaker he gives me the confidence to share my message with an authentic and clear voice. Working with Simon I feel I am able to deliver my story, with a bit of his magic and skill. Thank you for your help and support!


Simon and Jonny initially supported my teams at Lloyds Banking Group, Group Digital with their storytelling capabilities. We were trying to get into the minds of our users and Simon ran workshops on the key elements of a story and how we could apply them to the user experience.

Since then they've has been very supportive, offering advice on how I can use stories to enhance my communication, both as an individual and to engage my teams and clients. Their understanding of stories straddles brand, business and the world of entertainment. It’s always pragmatic and clear. Never fluffy, but always engaging and creative.


I met Simon and Jonny when I was looking for someone to help me create a connection between the separate parts of a leadership event for Sony Pictures. They worked collaboratively with me and my team to find a clear narrative through our programme. Simon also supported individuals on their story journeys. It was a great success.

Their creativity and story knowledge is up there with the best, but they never gets lost in the theory. their storytelling advice is always practical and grounded in the needs of the client and their audience.