How we help

We use the story tools we've honed over three decades to help individuals, teams, and organisations thrive.


We partner with your business to help you communicate more effectively. We apply the tools of narrative, story, and storytelling to support your strategy.

Our consultancy services include:


From naming global organisations, programmes and initiatives to finding the right way to share who you are and what you stand for. We'll guide you through the journey of connecting your purpose to an audience.

Strategy translation

Change can be both challenging and exciting, but it will only succeed if you bring your people with you. From a new business direction to corporate mergers, we'll help you translate your big idea to your team and your organisation.

Employer brand

Businesses put time and effort into their mission, vision, and values. But they often fail to follow through with a cohesive employer brand narrative and story. We support you by taking the heart of who you are and connecting it with your people and potential employees.

Brand language and tone of voice

How you sound speaks volumes. We support the development of your brand's voice. We'll provide guidance on how to apply it and the education that brings it to life for your people.

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We share our knowledge and skills in communication to help your teams and individuals develop. We do this face-to-face and virtually.

Recent workshops include:

Story for professional communicators

Developing the story skills needed for professional communicators (PR, Marketing, Brand, etc.) The focus was on making campaigns and content connect to audiences.

Pitch it, present it

From delivering clear information to impactful inspiration, the session explored the skills of sharing content with audiences small and large.

Creative action

Growing the skills to deliver innovative workshops and inspire creative thinking sessions that bring about focused action.

Story for leaders

Helping leaders grow their skills to find, craft, and share relevant and effective stories.

Write, right

Diving into the world of business and brand writing using the techniques of narrative, stories, and storytelling to bring words to life.

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We don't just talk from the side lines, we're actively involved in the fields where we offer support.

Our creative areas include:

Keynotes, scripts, and copywriting

From digital content to website copy and information organisation. We’ve delivered copy for external and internal communications campaigns, for individuals and large organisations.

Podcast production

As well as our own podcast, we work with podcasters. From finding a creative direction for a series to episode production.

Digital and live event support

A background in technology and the arts means we’re as comfortable behind a production desk as we are at the front of the room.

Brand sound design and production

We create original music and sound for your content and events, bringing our passion and award-winning work in theatre to brands and business.

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